Introduction to the project:

The Moth Class is the name for a small development class of sailing dinghy. The class has followed a development throughout these years (more than 80) to result in today’s fast flying boats. Our purpose is to give birth to our own boat by calling to what has been discovered so far in the aeronautical field. The Moth is a restricted class, that is to say that some variables and rules must be complied with, apart from that you are free to create whatever you want as long as the laws of physics allow you to do it

Duality boat with the help of 3dspan have been working on the various components of the boat (Hull,  foils and wings) and during the following weeks will build and test the boat. You can follow all the steps through our blog.

In this picture you can see our foils, the main one has a flap. You can control both of them in a different way. You can learn more about Moth foilers here  History of change, by Dr Ian Ward

 Duality Boat-Mothpic-09-crudo