What changes took place in only 3 months at workshop!

Hi Mothies!

As you probably all know, Duality Boat is a young International Moth design and building company, located in Phuket, Thailand.

For 2 years, we worked hard to introduce our stunning 100% carbon Shadow I Moth,that will be available for sale in the next weeks.

Before that, Duality Boat Team is working on the workshop extension, to provide a bigger area and better work conditions.It was a big challenge to build a nice worshop, works will be finished in the next weeks to allow the team to start again the I Moth construction.

We are so excited and happy about that!

In 3 months only, a 400 sqm functional area has been built by DB Team (big thanks to them because their mission (even if not finished yet) was not easy to do, because they are carbon fiber professionals, not cement ones! But they did the job, congratulations!

Below you can see some worshop pictures. You will easily notice the worshop transformation, whose surface has been doubled!

The new workshop will have also a commercial area and a showroom to welcome our customers.

So…if you have the opportunity to spend your holidays in Thailand, don’t hesitate a minute to visit us, we will be glad to introduce our Shadow I Moth!

See you, enjoy your day

Duality Boat Team
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