A century Foil history (1897/2017)

FoilHi Foils ans Moths lovers!

In any area of science or technology, for centuries, smart people invented things to make life better or faster. In sailing field, technological progress allowed to develop some amazing  foil crafts, in the early the 1900’s!

The first known instance of a hydrofoil supported craft was a catamaran fitted with four transverse “hydroplanes” by the Comte de Lambert in 1897. It is reported that the craft rose clear of the water. However, this was  probably due to the surfaces planing rather than foil lift…

Italian inventor Enrico Forlanini began work on hydrofoils in 1898, and designed and built the first one in 1906. With a 60 HP engine, his craft reached a top speed of 42 mph (67 km/h)!!!

Telephone pioneer Alexander Graham Bell (Thank you Graham for this great invention!!!) and Casey Baldwin developed a boat based on Floranini’s design in 1919. The Hydrodrome 4 or HD-4 reached a speed of 60 knots, a record for the fastest hydrofoil boat not broken until the sixties!

Many other projects and concepts have been developed in the 50’s (military and passengers crafts in particular).

In the years 2000, The French experimental hydrofoil Hydroptère is the result of a research project that involves advanced engineering skills and technologies. In September 2009, this hydrofoil sets new sailcraft world speed records in the 500 m category, with a speed of 51.36 knots (95.12 km/h) and in the one nautical mile (1.9 km) category with a speed of 50.17 knots (92.91 km/h)! Amazing!!

In this small history report, we won’t forget our stunning Shadow I Moth, built in  Thailand, and able to fly over the sea. This idea, to make a 100% carbon Moth, was developed in Phuket in 2015 by Mr Claude De Crissey and  a local, motivated and professional Thai team : Duality Boat Ltd.
After a prototype building and several tests and improvements, The Shadow I Moth will be available for sale soon! We are excited for that!

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