We are ready.

We have been quiet the past few weeks on the social media as we were testing the new foils, the new rudder control system and the new improved wand system.

The boat for our first client is almost ready; we are now waiting for the tramps, the CST spars and the sail (Hydesail).

14522863_1665049977143837_5307820581238014708_n The first 5 boats will be sold at a ‘starting price’. We want our first clients to give us their feedback in order for us to analyze our product with different sailors and in different environments. Those privileged clients will be able to receive benefits such as special prices for extra parts like the bow, a smaller main foil for stronger wind, the plates for the cleats and so on.

8888 Last sailing session ran smoothly with a 8/9 knots wind. The maximum speed reached was 12.5 knots upwind on 1 tack, on a distance of 12km. My set up was not perfect (I was checking a new vang “configuration”) so I plan to go faster next time by correcting it.

In terms of mast, the first mast we designed doesn’t have the required stiffness so we redesigned it and it is gonna be a high-modulus 40T. Looking forward to update you on this!